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  2. One of my favorite renditions. So good!

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  3. Great album.

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  5. Song for tonight…

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  6. variablethreads:

    Casual Dress

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  7. gdbracer:

    RACEcar . BROKENsuspension by edward Guerrero on Flickr.

    I’m a VW boy now.


  8. gdbracer:

    northeast exposed beach ass shot on Flickr.

    Wrx/STI will always have a place in my heart.


  9. martinekenblog:

    Hasan Kale is an incredible artist from Turkey and his tiny artworks have caught my eyes immediately! That’s impressive!

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  10. Was privileged to be one of the photographers for this year’s VBS program at my church.

    Here are some photos I took. Was a great time to practice and learn more about using a DSLR.